Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/16/2010 - The Yarn Ball made for Giants

I know, I know...I photograph way too much yarn and fiber projects, but hey, it's what I have around.  I just bought this lovely bulky specimen (Duo by Jarbo Garn) on Friday and was happily winding it up using my yarn swift when I realized that this was just too much yarn for my ball winder to handle.  So, I took it off the winder and proceeded to hand wind if off the swift.  Quite a while and many hand cramps later I had a ball that definately should be described as ginormous.  I could barely hold it in one hand it was so big.  So, I had the great idea to have my resident hand model (my husband Brian) hold it in his much bigger hands.  It still looks kind of ridiculous though, doesn't it?

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