Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Morning light

One of the coolest and most frustrating things for me at this time of year is when we let the clocks "fall back".  I adore how I don't need to be up at a completely unreasonable hour to get lovely morning light filtering through the trees like in this photo taken on my walk at Bouchard Park yesterday.   The light is so golden a rich looking for the first hour of the day as well as at dusk.

The really frustrating part about the shift in the light is that on my way home every day the sun is setting.  So, why could that possibly be a big deal?  Well... as a photographer, being stuck in my car in tons of traffic during an absolutely gorgeous sunset without any hope of getting to a good location to take a photo of all that glory is downright infuriating!   Tonight's commute was one of those nights.  I resorted to taking a picture out of my window when the traffic was stopped just to get SOMETHING on my camera.  So, it's not great - there are tons of branches and power lines in the way, but it's still beautiful.  I can imagine just how breathtaking it would be from the top of a hill overlooking some fields.  Well, at least I have a good imagination to work with, lol.

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