Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10/2010 - Fruitizer

The pineapple before I hacked it to bits to make roasted pineapple chunks wrapped in bacon.  Excellent recipe by the way.  We brought it to a friend's house as an appetizer.


Bahston Beans said...

Whoa. I've never heard of doing that.

jjphotoFTW said...

It just kindof popped into my head as a good idea one day and I found a recipe online and went for it. It's really hard: cut pineapple into bite size pieces, cut bacon in half (horizontally) and wrap pieces of pineapple with a half piece and secure with a toothpick. I used the broiler set at 500 degrees I think and then when one side looks done, I turned them over and let the broiler toch the other side. You could also just cook the in a pan. They key is to make sure the baon is crispy and not sog central.