Monday, August 15, 2011

An Early Morning Stroll Through the Neighborhood

Seeing this doe and her three fawns last week completely made my morning.  I was slowly navigating my way through our plethora of speed bumps on my way to work when I caught some movement off to my left.  These four beauties were hanging our right in the middle of the complex and my driving by (albeit slowly) scared them off.  They weren't too frightened of me though since I was able to fumble for my camera and take three pictures before they wandered over the hill and back into the woods. 

This picture was the best of the three, which isn't saying much, but at least the fawns are in focus unlike anything else I took of them.  Of course, I took the one good picture of them when they were behind a tree... typical me.  What's really funny is that one of my friends was asking me about the wildlife I had seen recently and I had told her that we really don't get deer where I live... it's too busy.  Well, guess I've been proved wrong, lol.

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