Monday, August 22, 2011

Is it deer week or something?

So, I'm seeing a trend here... I have seen no fewer than 8 deer in the past week.  I'm starting to think they are looking for me rather then the other way around!  First, I saw a doe and three fawns in my apartment complex.  Then this weekend I was taking a walk down the driveway at our place in Maine and I scared the heck out of this, what I'm guessing, is an adolescent deer.  Actually I didn't even see him for the longest time.  All I heard was a sudden galloping of hooves through the leaves off in the woods next to the driveway.  I looked in carefully but couldn't see anything, so I started to walk back to the house.  I just happened to look into the woods one last time before giving up and I saw him.  Cool huh?  That was probably around 11am on Saturday.  Later on that day, when hubbie and I were driving back to the house after going on a wonderful schooner cruise (pics to come), we drove by a field near the house and saw at least three more deer munching away on the tall grass.  One ran off right away and two lingered just long enough for me to get my camera, get out of the car and walk about two steps.  I swear one of them jumped about 4 feet straight in the air as it bounded off into the woods.  It was really REALLY cool to see so much wildlife in one weekend!  Too bad I didn't get any pictures of the last set.  They just moved way too fast for my camera without some prior planning to adjust shutter speed.  Oh well, I'm pretty happy we even saw them at all!

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