Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2/3/2010 - Madelainetosh Yarn is is just so scrumptious

And with the light tent I can actually do it justice when I take a picture of it!  I know it may sound silly to you that I get so worked up over a nice picture of my yarn.  But when I find a beautiful skein of yarn, I want to capture that beauty, not sell it short.  Photographing fiber and clothing can be very difficult since it tends to have texture that is only picked up by having lighting from the side.  Without it, your yarn and projects will look dimensionless.   It is also very hard to get the colors correct compared to the original. 

Anyway, enough of me waxing poetic over soft fuzzy things!  If you want to see what my light box setup looks like, you can check it out my Light Tent Shenanigans blog post on everyday ephemera.  

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